Sisters killed!

Sejv a posted Jul 16, 17
Aivela and Esne killed by The Black Forge on 8 man HM (Veteran).
It took us few days to get it to that point and stop doing stupid mistakes, some ppl prove that they are not that much color blind as we thought after first days :).
Since this time we didnt have PTS access i would say that it wasnt bad, maybe time what we needed to achieve that wasnt perfect, but also not that bad.
Congrats everyone for their effort, especially Huxley and Jae'd! 



After very long time without any new raiding content, with 5.2 introduced by Bioware, new progression period has started for us.
After some tries on closed PTS, and 3 days of live progression we manage to kill new boss on 8 man HM.
From time of 3.0 and 4.0, rooster of our progression group has changed much, so we may say that we got totally new group now in guild.
How it will look like playing together? Time will tell, but for now, we need to play together as much as we can, and try to be much better than we are now.
Everyone got potential to be very good, but we need to work as a group with common aim.
For now, grats for everyone and thank you for your effort on new boss! 



Progression end!

Sejv a posted Feb 28, 15
With Coratanni down today we ended our guild progression on 3.0 HM content.
Many thx for everyone for so much time spended together on these bosses, for the effort and wilingness to be better.
We done it together, and even when sometime not everything was perfect - now we are standing at this spot - 7 from world 4 from Europe.
According to lack of any pts tries - i think it is really nice achievement!
Now there is a time of relax, and farming gear for NIM's.
Thank you all!



Liquidsnake impressive, most impressive
Nora grats to all
Shayste That was very quick kill in comparision to Revan because this fight in comparision to Revan is a joke..

Revan killed!

Sejv a posted Feb 26, 15
Revan down!!
We killed Revan on HM as 6th guild on the world, and 3rd in Europe.
It was really hard time for everyone and much work but it was definetly worth it. This kill is tasting much better than Brontes or Council.
Much thx for everyone and congratulations - you own it. Now lets work on Corratanni!



Brerria gratz ladies & gentelman's
Scirron Congratulations
Wosiu Gratz

Ravagers HM 4/5

Sejv a posted Jan 5, 15
Blaster and Master killed!
It means that our guild got 4/5 on Ravagers and 4/5 on Tempe of Scrifice
Congratulations for everyone - Revan and Corratanni are waiting for you :D



Nora gz guys
Brerria gz guys !
Wosiu Nice